Tuesday, September 19, 2006

drafting table is inspiring and: previews

have been doing lots of deer sketches (although hilariously enough, this deer still looks really cartoony, i'll keep working on it)... resulting in a watercolor that may be my holiday card ? we'll see....

also! started work on a (short) comic, it's sort of a story with a scary theme - i'm excited with the character designs that i did yesterday and with how the first panel came out :D so hopefully it will end in a product i'm proud of. more updates later, and hopefully my illust. update for MotN will be finished... tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

they've - clipped my wings

hmm sketched while (being) and thinking about being in my room late at night ... have cropped my favorite part as a detail. should have let there be more focus on that part, but what can i do now right? Ok - yes, sure, i could install photoshop but I have class in an hour and i still need to buy canvases *huff/sigh*

a pocketful of posies

ring around the rosies